Pickle Juice for Muscle Cramps

I had to walk out on Denise’s step class tonight because my calf muscle got so tight that I couldn’t stand on it anymore .  My good friend Sy told me, “pickle juice….drink some pickle juice!”  She swears by it!  Unfortunately I didn’t have pickles at home, but fortunately I had a jar of pepperoncini.  I figured that the juice would have the same beneficial properties.  Yes, I drank pepperoncini juice.  It was pretty good actually!  I still have the muscle issue, but I think it’s a pulled muscle rather than a cramp.

I did a search on the Internet for pickle juice and cramps.  There were several articles about this.  The way this works is that the vinegar in the pickle juice triggers a reflex that alerts our brains to tell our muscles to stop contracting and relax.  How did I not know about this? Maybe I should be pouring pickle juice in my wine glass! These articles suggest pickle juice for biking, working out, running…. I can’t wait to get another muscle cramp and try this out!   I will definitely put pickles on my grocery list this week!

Thank you Sy!