Boston Ferns

My Boston Fern looks pitiful.  I know that the time of year is a factor, with the lack of light, and the dry air from the heat, but my fern is barely alive.  Just look at the poor miserable thing!   I’ve been misting it with water, and placing it in different areas of the house.  It just gets worse. Continue reading “Boston Ferns”


What is Locker Room News

Because my job requires me to sit at a computer all day, I try to make up for that by exercising at the gym.  Although walking and being outdoors is great exercise and mentally therapeutic, my gym membership provides even more than another venue for exercise.

For years now, practically every time I go to the gym, I leave the locker room with some bit of information that has some value to me.  I’ll find out about a new restaurant in town, or consignment shop that I really should visit, receive advice on how  not to kill my plants, exchange recipes, hear about a good book or movie.  Sadly, I’ll also find out about  acquaintances who are going through hard times due to illness, or tragedy. But these are things I want to know about.

My fellow gym friends at the Bond Wellness Center and Crotched Mountain Pool are part of my social life!  I look forward to seeing them, hearing about what they are doing, where they’ve been, and what their interests are.

This blog will be my attempt to share my locker room news with those of you who are interested.

If you would like to post something that is relevant to locker room news, please email me at