Need a hair tie? Find your water bottle!

Just a few days ago as I was finishing my workout and in the locker room I heard someone ask “Oh you have long hair….might you have a hair tie?” And I said “Let me find my water bottle!” She must have thought I was crazy or hard of hearing…..but once she saw why……I got a big smile and a thank you!

My water bottle has saved my workout many times! (And now has saved some of my friends too!)  For those of us who have long hair – you know what a pain it can be when you don’t have a hair tie!  After about the 4th trip back out to my car in as many weeks  – I got the bright idea of putting extra hair ties on my water bottle.  PRESTO – now I have some for me and some to share!  Even my niece (who thinks she knows everything) complimented me with “Wow – that is a good idea Auntie ! I’m doing that to my water bottle!

Let’s never get caught without a hair tie again!